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About Us

Site Staff

Seraph - Administrator

Hitman9000 - Super Moderator
Clare_Little - Super Moderator

theeshiznit - Moderator
Eternal - Moderator
fsturtle - Moderator

OTTO - Uploader

ArchitectX - Web Developer

Retired, but not forgotten; YIFY, Barrymcj, ThatTorrentGuy, lpede5, Frndly Stranger, sundox, kmax102, TheChemist, hillelitz, L81, ur12, Black Death, Deceit, bitloks, DrCoone, Bokutox, JDuncanator, Obit11, Fez, cryptkeeper91, Stepherd

Nota bene:
The Site Staff are a group of dedicated individuals who have demonstrated their commitment to YTS in helping to grow the service through each of their particular skillsets. (They have no lives.)
The YTS Encoders all use the same software with similar settings and configuration, in order to best optimise the ratio of filesize to quality in movies.
The Moderators are selected for their perserverance in maintaining the YTS website. The Super Moderator rank was created to meet and adapt to the dynamic and fast-growing nature of the YTS community. This expands the role of the site staff to adjust to ever more str$

How it all began...

In early 2010 YIFY started learning how to re-encode movies to take minimal HDD space, while retaining a respectable level of quality. This was achieved using the newly popular x264 encoding software for the H.264/MPEG-4 codec, with the .mkv container, and later the .mp4 con$ Over the next year YTS steadily gained dedicated followers, and in March of 2011, the official YTS Facebook page was created, in order to better connect with the followers.
By August 2011 YTS had grown into a small internet phenomenon of it's own, and reciprocally, the official YTS Website was released. This was done in collaboration with an up and coming web developer under the alias barrymcj.
Since then the YTS community has steadily continued to grow, despite having to overcome several issues both legal and technical.
YTS looks to have a promising future, given the outstanding support provided by it's committed followers.

Current Active services

  • - YTS currently has an active chat area, where you can talk with other memebers and site staff.
  • - An official Facebook page for YTS can be liked here, which keeps fans connected in the social networking world.
  • - YTS has also released an RSS feed here, to keep the community updated as soon as a movie is released.
  • - We also run our own Open BitTorrent tracker: udp://tracker.yify-torrents.com/announce which is open for anyone to use.
  • - An unofficial userscript that allows you to easily find and download YIFY torrents straight from sites like IMDB and Rotten Tomatoes can be found here.
  • - YTS maintains several servers around the world, so that downtime is at a minimum.
  • - A comprehensive data backup schedule is also in place, which ensures no data is ever lost irretrievably.

Software used

  • - FuelPHP
  • - Debian
  • - Percona
  • - Varnish
  • - Nginx + PHP-FPM
  • - Memcached
  • - Opentracker

Live long and prosper.